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Illustration of Napoleon "Small but Mighty"
That was Napoleon's astounding public relations accomplishment. To the troops he commanded, he was referred to as the "Little Corporal". To the royalty he overthrew he was the "Corsican Ogre". He has been vilified as an autocrat, ruthless in the pursuit of excessive ambition. Historians regard him as a fascinating and enigmatic example of one who influenced history, despite his diminutive physical stature. Although he became Emperor of France and master of half of Europe, his dream of world empire came to an end with defeat in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo.

Like Napoleon, GCA is "small but mighty". We do things in a big way for our clients - such as "The World's Longest Ribbon Cutting" that we conducted for a client in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The 6 Most Amazing Public Relations Feats of All Times!

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