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Illustration of Moses PR man for the most demanding client of all. It was Moses, of course, that was the messenger who gave the world the Ten Commandments. In the history of ancient Israel, (13th century BC), he is considered the greatest of the prophets. Actually, Moses can be credited with being the first PR man. Now that was quite a feat! With God as his client, he was commanded to deliver the Hebrews from Egyptian bondage. Egypt was ruled at the time by Ramses II, who was unwilling to lose slave labor for his massive building projects. After a series of confrontations, which involved several miracles including the parting of the Sea of Reeds (not the Red Sea, as is often mistakenly claimed), the Hebrews were allowed to leave Egypt.

Like Moses, GCA "delivers for demanding clients". (Actually, we're more demanding on ourselves than our clients could ever be.)

The 6 Most Amazing Public Relations Feats of All Times!

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