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Photo of Houdini He knew how to attract the media! Every Halloween, fans of Harry Houdini gather in Appleton, Wisconsin, (which he claimed as his birth-place), in an attempt to contact his spirit. This on-going devotion is a testimony to the long-lasting appeal of this famous illusionist from the early 1900's. In a typical act, Houdini was shackled with irons and placed in a trunk that was locked, chained, weighted, and submerged under water. In another feat, he was suspended upside down 75 feet above the ground, where he freed himself from a straitjacket. Before every major escape illusion, he alerted the media and teased them about his next flirtation with death. He knew they couldn't stay away.

Like Houdini, GCA knows how to "attract the media" to our client's activities, whether it's a press conference or a special event.

The 6 Most Amazing Public Relations Feats of All Times!

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