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About GCA

We perform "Amazing PR feats" every day for our clients. Established by Joe Greenwald in 1991 as a full-service public relations firm, GCA is now ranked in the Philadelphia region's "Top 25 PR Firms" by the Philadelphia Business Journal. We produce highly effective PR programs for companies in such diverse industries as B to B, hi-tech, architecture, financial & accounting, hotels and restaurants, and health care, to name a few.

PR Services: We offer the full range of PR services -- writing and distributing of press releases, media relations, press conferences, new product introductions, speech writing, special events, newsletters and crisis management.

Clients served: We work equally well with both large and smaller clients. Companies that we serve, presently or in the past, include such fine names as Exelon/PECO, National Medical Services, Schenker International, MediaForm, Billy Cunningham's Court, Mathieson Aitken Jemison CPA Company, UniGridEnergy.com, Foley Architecture, Fire Foam Products, Limerick Golf Club, DataZed, and The Ugly Moose.

Client testimonials:

Pat Webster, PR Manager, Exelon: "...GCA is a seasoned, experienced PR firm with an established track record."
Dann Foley, CEO, Foley Architecture: "...Their thorough PR program for us has generated tremendous exposure, resulting in substantial new business."
Graham Crouse, GM, Limerick Golf Club: "...GCA has done an outstanding job for us. We're delighted with them."
Manfred Engst, COO, Schenker International: "...Joe Greenwald's firm works very well with our people ... they do a great job."
J.P. Boles, CEO, The Ugly Moose: "...GCA is the best at what they do -- and we've got the news clips to show it."
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Joe Greenwald, President
Greenwald Communications
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